Project Logistics

Project logistics is an important part of modern logistics. It takes the third party logistics as the main operation mode, has the characteristics of one-time implementation, overall relevance, process uncertainty, technical complexity and process risk, which has a key impact on the completion of products or the realization of goals.

Project logistics is a one-off task to reach the predetermined quality level within the budget within a certain period of time. Project logistics has two basic characteristics: one is the subjective characteristic, that is, the management subject, the managed object and the management means must be organically combined; the other is the objective characteristic, that is, it must have the attribute of single task.

Project logistics is a kind of special and one-off logistics activity. It is necessary to plan and design logistics system, manage and control logistics process, arrange and use logistics equipment and technology. In the field of practice, engineering logistics mainly solves the logistics organization activities with comprehensive and complex contents, such as construction projects, rescue support, large-scale exhibition, large-scale relocation and wartime logistics support. It is characterized by high-risk, strong timeliness and one-time. It generally requires a variety of special transportation and hoisting equipment, a variety of transportation modes, and the cooperation of many different logistics enterprises, thus most of them have typical characteristics of TPL.

Since 2002, Shanghai Weili Logistics Co., Ltd. has seized the opportunity of foreign-funded manufacturing enterprises to invest in the construction of factories in China, and has set foot in the field of major parts engineering logistics. Over the years, we have been committed to the project logistics needs of steel, transportation, metallurgy, electric power, machinery, construction, R & D and other industries, based in Shanghai, serving Chinese and foreign customers.

We integrate the advantages of marine, land and air transportation resources, rely on the coastal, riverside, inland river, railway, wharf, airport and other good facilities, and use the excellent project logistics technology team to solve the difficult problems of each equipment for each customer, and customize a complete and personalized logistics scheme.