Technology and Electronics Logistics

The technology and electronics industry has been closely integrated into our lives.The era of liquid crystal makes our life colorful.Advanced semiconductor technology makes our information communication barrier free. We all became part of the global village immediately.

Shanghai Weili Logistics Co., Ltd. took the opportunity of LCD development years ago, and activelyparticipated the supply chain technology of LCD industry. Over the past 10 years, we have invested tens of millions of yuan in the LCD and semiconductor industry, purchased world-class advanced logistics equipments, followed the research and development of advanced technology, and accumulated rich experience and management team.

Up to now, after years of continuous efforts, we have successfully provided safe and efficient logistics services for many world-class electronic technology industries in the overall industrial chain of front-end research and development, factory construction, raw material supply, and finished product export, and is committed to the logistics needs of the electronic technology industry.

Most of our customers are from China, South Korea, Japan, the United States, Germany and other countries. We are licensed by our customers in the most sophisticated logistics and transportation technologies such as lithography and exposure machines.

We have safely delivered hundreds of billions of technology and electronics equipments to our customers.