Digital Information Technology Support

"Under the tide of new infrastructure, key technologies such as 5g, Internet of things, cloud computing, big data, AI, blockchain and other key technologies accelerate the digital and intelligent upgrading of the industry. Next, we should enter an era of ubiquitous connectivity and omnipotent intelligence."

The current situation and trend of logistics industry: from scattered data, scattered technology, scattered business and scattered application to resource integration; data processing and analysis methods from simple data statistics to auxiliary intelligent decision-making; from data structure and algorithm inefficiency to intelligent data cleaning and extraction, supercomputing efficiency; from passive search information, passive management to active information push and active service The load-bearing equipment has changed from the traditional means of transportation to the next generation of mobile intelligent terminals.

Through the establishment of informatization, intelligence, visualization and standardization platform, data management, whole process logistics visualization tracking, safety data real-time monitoring and project whole process collaborative management scheme, the efficiency and safety of supply chain project can be improved.

Shanghai Weili Logistics Co., Ltd. has started to build a smart supply chain system with data support, resource sharing and intelligent cooperation by means of Internet of things, adding intelligent attributes to enterprises and accelerating the upgrading of industrial chain. The project logistics and high-tech electronic industry supply chain one-stop operation management platform and intelligent system service platform were launched;

Shanghai Weili Logistics Co., Ltd. has world-class advanced transportation equipment and 20 years of industry team experience. Combined with safety intelligent equipment, it takes the lead in innovation in intelligent logistics park, safe driving vehicle road coordination, logistics tracking visualization and other application scenarios. At present, Shanghai Weili Logistics Co., Ltd. has a platform based on intelligent equipment, using AI technology, greatly improving the connectivity and interaction ability of various Internet of things devices, realizing the huge transformation from "passive traditional management" to "active intelligent management".

Our production and operation information with customers real-time, collaborative, transparent, sharing, together to improve efficiency!