Technical Equipments

The company has 85 employees, including 10 senior engineers, 18 management personnel, more than 20 professional technicians and more than 30 skilled technicians. All employees are trained and qualified to work with certificates. They have rich experience in comprehensive transportation of major equipment such as highway, railway, inland river, aviation and multimodal transportation. They are equipped with bridge, lifting and mechanical engineers, as well as engineering and technical personnel in logistics scheme making, loading and unloading, safe operation and insurance treatment.

At present, the company has more than 100 heavy-duty tracti

At present, the company has more than 100 heavy-duty traction vehicles with a total tonnage of more than 3000 tons. Since we have all kinds of low plate (height 0.3 m --- 0.9 m), frame plate and hydraulic axis plate, we are specialized in the transportation business of super long, ultra wide, super high and overweight equipment all over the country, including equipment loading and unloading, hoisting, winding and positioning. In recent years, our company has successfully operated over size blade mold, blade, engine room, hub and other logistics projects.

The company purchased 100 sets of German Mercedes Benz, Sweden Volvo air cushion tractor and advanced air cushion vehicle plate, equipped with constant temperature and humidity shock absorption container, specialized in undertaking the transportation business of precision liquid crystal, semiconductor, artwork, antique cultural relics, medical equipment, aeroengine, etc. all over the country, maintaining the same level with the developed countries in the world.

Since Shanghai Weili Logistics Co., Ltd. was put into operation, the majority of employees have concentrated the advantages of human resources, project operation and vehicle equipment, and have won customer satisfaction and support with their strong strength!