Recruitment: Marketing Manager

Majors required: Shipping Management / international shipping / maritime law / customs declaration and international freight / transportation / Logistics Engineering / traffic information engineering and control / international economy and trade / vehicle engineering / mechanical design and manufacturing and automation / application technology of construction machinery / electromechanical integration / electronic technology. Familiar with LCD, semiconductor, medical equipment and other precision instruments or engineering logistics industry is preferred.


1. College degree or above, excellent English is preferred;

2. Be full of passion and initiative;

3. Honest and trustworthy, full of team spirit;

4. Good communication and interpersonal skills;

5. They are willing to learn, dare to innovate and constantly pursue excellence;

6. Excellent academic performance in school, student cadres, Party members and practical experience are preferred.

Salary and benefits:

1. Health insurance, health insurance and so on.

2. The salary system of the company with market competitiveness shall be implemented after post evaluation.

3. With rich industry resources, for the company's greater contribution, the company alone to provide rich treatment!

We sincerely invite outstanding people in the industry to join us for a total innovation journey!

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