Expanding investment seeking for more market in liquid crystal, semiconductor and other high-tech projects


Since May, the company has decided to further expand the market in LCD, semiconductor and other projects. It has successively purchased 15 Mercedes Benz and 15 Volvo transport capacity, and has strengthened the guarantee for customers' transportation capacity to obtain more market share. Since 2005, Shanghai Weili logistics company started to carry out high-tech equipment logistics projects. As the leader of the first batch of high-tech equipment logistics in China, over the past 10 years, it has successfully completed various large-scale high-tech investment projects in more than 10 provinces in China, with an overall transportation turnover of nearly 6.5 million cubic meters, which has won high trust from domestic and international customers. Up to now, Shanghai Weili Logistics Co., Ltd. has a capacity of 4000 tons in China's high-end equipment transportation market and a safe road transportation distance of 50 million.